SIRO - Sistemas Integrados de Reciclagem Orgânica (Organic Recycling Integrated Systems) - is an expert in plant nutrition and protection.

The brand was created by Leal & Soares S.A., a company working with wood sawing, transformation and preparation since 1990. Exportation is the main destiny of its production.

As a FSC®-certified industry we prove our daily commitment with the national forest's sustainability and biodiversity.

Since 1990 that we develop forest residue composts, made mainly with maritime pine bark, to be used in organic substrate and compost production.

In two years this new business field became the company's main activity, growing the need for its own identity.

And SIRO was born.

Its wide offering includes substrates and fertilisers as well as decorative products and water reservoirs and lakes.

SIRO offers integrated solutions adapted to the needs of the market.


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Plant production depends on healthy and vigorous plant growth and these plants need enough food to flourish.

For that reason their growth support (substrate) must be able to give them all the nutrients necessary to satisfy their nutritional requirements in a balanced quantity and manner.

In a brand-saturated substrate market, it is essential to pay attention to its quality and right way of using in terms of quantity, season and application.







  • Homogeneous;
  • Loose;
  • Pleasant compost aroma;
  • Foreign material-free;
  • Mould-free (no pathogenic contaminations).


  • It must come loose easily to guarantee a good drainage and easy radicular growth;
  • It must not be fully drenched (should have a balanced moisture content) or in dust (dehydrated).





  • Professional substrate production for more than 25 years;
  • Certified humus from maritime pine bark composting;
  • Healthy plant growth: plants are more resistant to diseases and pests;
  • Enhancement of the radicular system development;
  • Natural and biological substrates;
  • Weed-free substrates 100% stabilised and matured organic agricultural substrates and improvers;
  • Substrates with adequate pH values for each plant type;
  • A slow and controlled nutrition up to 12 months;
  • RAL-certified humus always guarantees a homogeneous product;
  • Wide product range.


Initially dedicated to the timber industry, wood sawing and transformation, Leal & Soares, S. A. currently works with:

  • Ecological / Biological Substrates;
  • Decorative Pine Bark;
  • Wood Sawing and Transformation;
  • Organic Residue Management;
  • Mineral / Biological Fertilisers;
  • Ornamental Stones;
  • Lake Products.



  • Ecological and Biological Substrate Production;



  • Know-How;
  • High product standards;
  • High product turnover;
  • Wide product range;
  • High stocking capacity;
  • Logistics Management with its own fleet.


For its quality performance, Leal & Soares, S.A. makes a strong contribution to the good performance of the Portuguese economy through its growth and competitive leadership strategies, being also a PME (SME) leader.


Our strict process supervision guarantees quality from the choice of the raw materials to the conception of the final product. A rigorous control of the raw materials and substrates produced is backed

by the company's own laboratory, allied to the RAL certification since 1997. This assures the highest quality standards, homogeneity and weed-free products.


Working with the most innovative technologies available in the market, our Research Centre supports the development of new substrates, complying with the most demanding quality and rigour criteria.

It also improves existing substrates.

In our research centre we develop today the products of tomorrow.





We walk at our customers' side, foreseeing their needs, promoting distinctive and substantial improvements to their performance, and providing "integrated concept" sustainable solutions.


Be the First choice of the client.


  • Our client is always our top priority;
  • We exist to serve our customers;
  • Flexibility and response capacity are our motto;
  • Business ethics is at the forefront of our values;
  • We make an effort to give added value to our clients by providing them with high quality products and services;
  • Quality is non-negotiable for us;
  • Our staff is aware that offering our customers a quality service is a privilege;
  • Striving for continuous improvement is the driving force of our sustainability and development;
  • It covers all areas of our work;
  • To that end we promote our staff's motivation and criativity;
  • We promote long-term relationships with our clients and suppliers;
  • We respect the environment because only then we can promote more sustainability and a safer and healthier life.

Environmental protection concerns us all.

Therefore Leal & Soares, S.A. assumes the social and environmental responsibility in the making of products to promote the development of a sustainable and pleasant environment.

All processes in our facilities aim at waste reduction and natural resources saving.

We work every day to guarantee a better tomorrow.

The Forest, Agricultural and Industrial Residues Management and Recovery market holds a special strategic interest for Leal & Soares, S.A. and is part of the core business of its Business Field - substrate production.
Leal & Soares, S.A. has a Residue Recovery Centre in the centre region of the country, promoting their energy and organic recovery.


  • Supplying adequate storage;
  • Collection and Transportation with specific equipment;
  • Treatment and Recovery (Composting Centre), (Biomass Centre);
  • Sorting and temporary residue storage.


  • Green solid residues from the cleaning and maintenance of gardens and forests;
  • Stumps from tree-cutting for reforestation;
  • Branches from pruning;
  • Trunks;
  • Chips;
  • Bushes;
  • Foliage;
  • Grasses;
  • Herbs and flowers from cemeteries, plastic-free;
  • Agricultural Residues;
  • Residues from agricultural and/or livestock holdings or similar;
  • Industrial Residues;
  • Residues from industrial production processes.


Our extraordinary production and exportation capacities are the expression of a union between tradition, experience and innovation.

SIRO products result from technologically and scientifically improved traditional recipes, which combine a balanced selection of the "ingredients" with a strict quality control throughout the production process.

One of the secrets of the SIRO products is knowing the exact quantity of the ingredients used in the mixtures as well as how to mix them, creating superb blends. This way we always have homogeneous and unique products.

We have 2 production units in the Iberian Peninsula, the first in Mira (Portugal) and the second in Galicia (Spain).

Nowadays SIRO is one of the main maritime pine bark exporters in Europe.